Awards and Accolades

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Challenging ourselves and our staff

Rogers Restorations are a firm beliver in the advancement of those that work as part of our team and have been championing the causes of our apprentices in regional, national and international competition to develop their skills and advance the company’s competencies.keep our accreditations up to date and search out new ones.

We also promote the company in local competition to ensure we are measuring up against the best.


Recent Accolades and Achievements


Rogers Restorations

  • South West Microemployer of the Year Runner-up 2010
  • Bridgwater College employer of the year 2011
  • Commitment to Learning Award

Chris Young

  • South West Apprentice of the Year 2010
  • Summit Skills UK Nation Champion
  • World Skills 2011 Finalist

Paul Lang

  • South West Apprentice